December 26, 2006

Celebrate the 5,000th Anniversary of the Construction of Stonehenge, with the New Fifth Millennial Edition of the Stonehenge Watch™

The New Fifth Millennial Edition of the Stonehenge Watch™: "'A great leap backward in time telling!' "

Looking for a present for the Druid that has everything? I've had a Stonehenge watch for many years. It is great fun. This new edition adds a compass. I remember some years ago, when a pretty young lass asked me what time it was. I pulled out the watch, aligned the stones, saw the fall of the shadows upon the face and knew the time.... Obiviously, it was daytime.

Druid's Circle of Ulverston

The Modern Antiquarian | The Druid's Circle of Ulverston (Sunbrick Stone Circle/Birkrigg Stone Circle): "The Druid's Circle of Ulverston"

The Modern Antiquarian has wonderful forums including photos and artistic impressions for many standing stone sites. If you haven't done so, check them out. Also, the Druid's Circle of Ulverston is a little known site that would be of interest on a visit to Cumbria.