October 27, 2010

Thank you Phil Ryder!

Phil Ryder - Chairman of the Trustees for the Druid NetworkThere has been a lot of news reports about the Druid Network receiving recognition by the Charity Commission in the UK.  The Lancashire Telegraph is reporting that Phil Ryder, of Richmond Terrace, led the campaign.  Phil is the Druid Network trustees chairman. After a four-year fight, the Charity Commission recognised Druidry(sic) as a religion which qualifies it tax breaks.  As a 501(c)(3) organization in the US, we understand the importance of such recognition.  Most Americans don't understand how different it is in a country with an established religion and that religious diversity is new there.  Thank you Phil.  Your victory there paves the way for others to follow both in the UK and in other countries.   

I found it interesting that Phil mentioned some of the places Druids in Lancashire meet and worship.  Popular spots Sunnyhurst Woods, in Darwen, and Pendle Hill. I hope to get an invite when I visit the UK.

For more information see: Darwen man wins Druid campaign (From Lancashire Telegraph)

Interesting Article about Robin Gibb gives Druid connection

Ran into an interesting article regarding Bee Gee Robin Gibb.  His wife of 26 years, Dwina Gibb, is a Druid. According to the article she was ordained as a Druid Patroness at Summer Solstice in 1992 at Primrose Hill in North London.  A very Nice Photo is included with, what appears to be, Philip Shallcross in the background.

I'm looking forward to seeing Dwina's new project, an illustrated mythical storybook called Starchild.

October 21, 2010

California Prison Pagan Recognition Lawsuit

For those of you who don't know,  Rev. Patrick McCollum is engaged in litigation (McCollum, et al. v. CDCR, et al., C 04-03339 CRB) challenging
the California Department of Corrections' "Five Faiths" policy which recognizes only five major world religions for inclusion in California's prison chaplaincy program.

There is a short video, about the case on You Tube,

Circle Sanctuary has an update on their website and background information along with what you can do to support the process on their Patrick McCollum page.

I hope his appeal goes well. 

/|\ Tony