November 8, 2008

Pagan Moonbeams

Those of you that have children and want to teach them good, positive path neopaganism, check out Pagan Moonbeams.  They are trying to plant the seeds of growth and enlightenment to our children and are doing a great job.
It is a free monthly educational resource provided by dedicated volunteers! Check them out, I'm sure they would appreciate any help or donation you can help them with.
The November issue includes an interview with me. Worth every cent!

- Tony

November 1, 2008

Druid's Fire and Morrigan's Kiss

Finian's Pub looks like a fun place to go in Jackson, MS. An article in the Jackson Free Press indicated they were hosting as Samhain ("sow-in") event. It would feature music from the Bailey Brothers and a costume contest with cash prizes. What really interested me were the Drink specials all night--Druid's Fire, Morrigan's Kiss and Blood Beer. I wonder if I can get their recipies... Certainly, the idea of "Morrigan's Kiss" scares me. Definately a place on my list to try when I'm near Jackson.

According to Valerie Alexander, the assistant GM at Fenian's, the bartenders at Finian's came up with the drinks!

Ever illustrious bartender Toni Jones put her mixologist’s mind to work for Morrigan’s Kiss.

½ oz Jameson Irish Whiskey,
½ oz Pama Liquor,
½ oz Peach Schnapps, and
½ oz Cranberry Juice.

Shake & strain.

Joseph Stianche, with his fun & crazy antics came up with the Druid’s Fire.

½ oz Jose Cuervo Tequila,
½ oz Bacardi 151 Rum,
½ oz Blue Curacao, and
½ oz Orange Juice

Shake & strain.
Sink a splash of Rose’s Grenadine into the bottom of the glass.