November 21, 2009

The Good Search

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Goddess Senua Found

We are still learning about the gods and goddesses. Using one of the plaques from the finding, the British Museum finally ascribed a name to a goddess figure found in 2002 -- Senuna (aka Senua). She is probably a local spring goddess who was adopted by the Romans in much the same way that Sulis was adopted at Bath.

See Guardian UK News - Senua, Britain's unknown goddess unearthed and the Pagan Examiner Celtic Goddess Senua for more information.

There is also a website dedicated to her
(Photo: British Museum via Guardian UK)

Aontacht Magazine & Druidic Dawn

If you haven't checked out Aontacht magazine and Druidic Dawn, you should do so.
Aontacht, Volume 2 Issue 2 Autumn-Spring Equinox 2009's
theme was "Devotion and Practice," which is being shared with the wider Druid Internet community.

Check it out.