December 26, 2006

Celebrate the 5,000th Anniversary of the Construction of Stonehenge, with the New Fifth Millennial Edition of the Stonehenge Watch™

The New Fifth Millennial Edition of the Stonehenge Watch™: "'A great leap backward in time telling!' "

Looking for a present for the Druid that has everything? I've had a Stonehenge watch for many years. It is great fun. This new edition adds a compass. I remember some years ago, when a pretty young lass asked me what time it was. I pulled out the watch, aligned the stones, saw the fall of the shadows upon the face and knew the time.... Obiviously, it was daytime.

Druid's Circle of Ulverston

The Modern Antiquarian | The Druid's Circle of Ulverston (Sunbrick Stone Circle/Birkrigg Stone Circle): "The Druid's Circle of Ulverston"

The Modern Antiquarian has wonderful forums including photos and artistic impressions for many standing stone sites. If you haven't done so, check them out. Also, the Druid's Circle of Ulverston is a little known site that would be of interest on a visit to Cumbria.

November 6, 2006

Reminder - Carrying "Weapons" can be Trouble

Last June, The (Portsmouth) News reported that the Insular Order of Druids archdruid, Debbie King, was arrested and had her ritual bladce confiscated after checking it with security at a courthouse. Now, according to The (Portsmouth) News, she finally received her athame back. Excellent.

The UK has tight laws regarding carrying weapons. Here in the United States, every state and many municipalities have laws regarding knives and other weapons. In many cases single-edged knives are handled differently from double-edged blades. In order to avoid problems, it is extremely important to be careful whenever carrying any form of ritual tool. Know what the laws are in your state or city. Sickles are generally not quite so restricted, however swords (as in a representation of the Sword of Nuada) and spears (as in a representation of the Spear of Lugh) are often tightly controlled. Transporting them or using them in public venues can result in confiscation or even arrest.

November 5, 2006

Following Celtic Ways: Samhain Flame Of Tlachtga

Following Celtic Ways: Samhain Flame Of Tlachtga: "Following Celtic Ways

If you haven't seen the "Ramblings and reviews by John Willmott as he travels the Celtic Ways and Waterways visiting hidden ancient Celtic temples, sacred wells, and provoking legends..." it is worth a visit to his web site. Besides providing excellent commentary, he provides tours to Irish sacred sites of interest to Druids and Celtic Pilgrims (both Christian and Pagan).

Tying The Knot Pagan Style (from Tivyside Advertiser)

The Tivyside Advertiser, in Cardigan, Ceredigion (Wales), reports they have a Druid priestess and priest (Angie and Isna) that conduct marriages in Wales. Although Wales doesn't recognize Pagan marriages, they apparently have a wonderful stone circle site available for use. I wonder how they can be contacted.

For details see: Tying The Knot Pagan Style: "High Priestess Angie and Druid Priest Isna conducted the [marriage] ceremony....
Aware that the marriage is not recognized in the eyes of the law [groom] Martin said: 'What is important is that we love each other and are together.'"

Druid priestess denied entry to bar | | The Australian

Druid priestess denied entry to bar | | The Australian: "She previously told the tribunal that as a druid she was unable to accept compensation."

The idea that one should not accept compensation for religious work has long been a regular tenet of many Neopagan paths, including some Druids. In this particular case, it appears Morgan believed that she was discriminated against based upon religious discrimination while the judge ruled that it was age discrimination.

Because she was harmed, she should have accepted the money. To not do so allowed the offenders to have less of a penalty for their actions. Had the discrimination been based upon religion, she should have the money donated on her behalf to an appropriate non-profit Druid organization.

November 4, 2006

Inner Traditions:Herbal Prescriptions after 50

From the Mailbox...

I received the Spring/Summer 2007 Catalog of the Inner Traditions/Bear & Company.

Nothing of particular interest to Druids except possibly several Masonic books including Isaac Newton's Freemasonry and The Secret Message of Jules Verne.

However, for Bard's The Triumph of the Sea Gods: The War Against the Goddess Hidden in Homer’s Tales, by Steven Sora is of particular interest. It promises to compellingly argue that "Homer’s tales are adaptations of Celtic myths that took place off the Iberian Peninsula around 1200 B.C." I'll add this one to my I'd like to read list.

Under the Seer's Path,Herbal Prescriptions after 50: Everything You Need to Know to Maintain Vibrant Health. Besides offoring herbal remedies for various conditions associated with aging, it includes informaiton on more than 150 herbs, their actions, preparation methods, and recommended dosages. Along the same lines is Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief. Reveals how Adaptogenic herbs (tonics) can be used to counter the effects of age and stress.

August 1, 2006

Scotsman Heritage & Culture - Genealogy

The Scotsman magazine has a website with a section on genealogy. Besides really good articles about tracing your family heritage and a Genealogical Clinic, they have digital archive which contains every issue of the Scotsman from 1817 thru 1950. Scotsman Heritage & Culture - Genealogy

A search for "druid" results in 780 articles. Of the first ten, three relate to sports. Of the remaining seven, several look very interesting. "Pitlochrie - The Druid Circle" from 1879 and an 1891 article about "Druidical Remains" are entriging.

Also members of the Henge of Keltria interested in Genealogy can join the Keltria Genealogy e-mail list.

April 27, 2006

SOF: Pagans Ancient and Modern [Speaking of Faith� from American Public Media]

SOF: Pagans Ancient and Modern [Speaking of Faith� from American Public Media]

I ran into a Public Radio page on Speaking of Faith where on "Pagans: Ancient and Modern" are highlighted. There is a slideshow that is really good. Even includes an image of a Druid blessing a crop of misstletoe.
The main page
provides several audio stories. I thought it was worth listening to. Certainly makes me want to learn much more about Ivan Kupala.

January 9, 2006 Trioedd Ynys Prydein : The Triads of the Island of Britain: Books

Books: Trioedd Ynys Prydein : The Triads of the Island of Britain (Hardcover)
by Rachel Bromwich

For those who are serious about Welsh tradion, Trioedd Ynys Prydein promises to be an important edition to your personal library. To be available in the United States in February, 2006, this is a 768 page page hardcover published by the University Of Wales Press. The $145.00 price tag will put off all but the most serious of scholars. I hope it will eventually come out in trade paperback. Rachael has at least nine other books regarding Welsh literature, poetry, and studies.