November 6, 2006

Reminder - Carrying "Weapons" can be Trouble

Last June, The (Portsmouth) News reported that the Insular Order of Druids archdruid, Debbie King, was arrested and had her ritual bladce confiscated after checking it with security at a courthouse. Now, according to The (Portsmouth) News, she finally received her athame back. Excellent.

The UK has tight laws regarding carrying weapons. Here in the United States, every state and many municipalities have laws regarding knives and other weapons. In many cases single-edged knives are handled differently from double-edged blades. In order to avoid problems, it is extremely important to be careful whenever carrying any form of ritual tool. Know what the laws are in your state or city. Sickles are generally not quite so restricted, however swords (as in a representation of the Sword of Nuada) and spears (as in a representation of the Spear of Lugh) are often tightly controlled. Transporting them or using them in public venues can result in confiscation or even arrest.

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