April 24, 2010

Two Druid Circles in Golden Gate Park

Melissa Griffin reports that the circles in are back in business -- two of them in Golden Gate Park (San Francisco). One is near the western boundary of the AIDS memorial grove, the other is west of the Japanese Tea Garden.  I don't believe either group is Keltrian, but, I'd be interested in finding out more about them.  Who they are, who is leading them, etc. 

Melissa go on to indicate that the park landscape architect was looking for rocks to finish up a Rhododendron Dell renovation. Near the AIDS memorial grove, he found a series of beautiful, hand-carved limestone rocks and began moving them to his project. (He works for the City and they are City property, after all.)  What he didn’t know was that he was dismantling a Druid circle. The Druids were, according to Melissa, upset and "demanded" their religious rocks back.  The Parks Department arranged for their safe return and all is well again.