July 12, 2009

Druid owns shop in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

The Queensland Times (Australia) reports that Jackie Pope is Ipswich's first and perhaps only Druid. She has a new tarot card reading centre, Wyrd Sisters on Brisbane Street in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. The report indicates that she found, in a reading, the photographer to be a skeptic. I'm sure the reporter is a skeptic too. I wish her well.

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jackie said...

Thank you so much for your good wishes. It is indeed an interesting journey. It was not my intention to have another shop (I had one in Auckland, New Zealand); but the right premises came up and the Goddess seemed to be leading me in a particular direction. The photographer was quite amusing and her reading was very indepth albeit that was not reported and quite rightly - although it gave the impression of a "light' reading. The reporter was an interesting young man who seemed to like my rebellious side, and although I tried to stress to him that integrity and ethics was what I would like the article to reflect - he homed in on the local christians who had visited my shop (as they always do >yawn<). I am not sure if I will keep the shop open - I have another two weeks trial before I sign a year's lease; and it does make rent but that is all and I have a sense that in the three months I have been in the shop the people I need to connect with - I have or are about to. I have a sense that the Goddess needed a point to be made, and it has been! I have a website and another wee job writing horoscopes for women's magazines that brings in my daily bread.

This is such an exciting life, I embrace all that comes to me. Having been initiated at Stonehenge in my early years I feel I have lived a magical life; albeit at times I have walked dark paths as we all have. I truly believe the world is bereft of magic - the magic of nature, spirit and wisdom; magic of imagination; the magic of children being children; the magic of appreciating each new day.

I would love to join Keltria - and will explore how to do that.

Again thank you from downunder Oz.