September 21, 2009

Newgrange Lodge near the Newgrange Heritage Site

Received an e-mail from Sara Farell of Harcourt Hospitality regarding the Newgrange Lodge near the Newgrange Heritage Site in County Meath in Ireland. They are offering "preferential introductory rates" on our next visit. It sounds like they are interested in business from "special interest groups" who visit close to ceremonial times. Interesting phraseology. Anyway, I'll probably give them a try when I next head to Ireland and am interested in the "Mythical Boyne Valley Tour"

Newgrange Lodge B&B
Formerly an old farmhouse, Newgrange Lodge provides a unique venue that offers hotel accommodation and traditional Irish hospitality at bed and breakfast rates to both groups and the independent traveller alike. We are located opposite the world famous UNESCO Heritage site of Newgrange, a tomb predating the Pyramids and Stonehenge by 400 years.

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