February 27, 2010

New findings at Stanton Drew

The Bristol News is reporting that new evidence is indicating that the neolithic stone circle near Stanton Drew, is older than previously thought and has an associated barrow. A great article about a place I don't know a lot about. I definitely will add it to my places to visit when I next go to the UK.

Sacred site at Stanton Drew, neolithic stones | Bristol News
Ask anyone in Bristol to name an ancient stone circle, and 90 per cent of people will probably say Stonehenge. A few of the wider-read sorts might mention Avebury. But remarkably, few will say the words Stanton Drew.

While Wiltshire's two landmark sites are known worldwide, Bristol's own major neolithic stone circle goes largely unnoticed.

But all that might be about to change, thanks to a team of enthusiastic amateur archaeologists who have discovered some intriguing new evidence that suggests the Stanton Drew site, near Chew Magna, may actually be 1,000 years older than historians had previously thought....

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