June 3, 2010

Druid reduces traffic fatalities in Austria

Druids use rock and magnets to stop road accidents | Metro.co.uk
Certainly, I received more emails from folks pointing me to this article about Druid Ilmar Tessmann than I have received about any other news article in recent years.  It is a very interesting article about how he "tunes into the energy waves and apparently helps to reduce the number of fatalities at an accident blackspot."  I'm not sure that the photo nor the photo caption has much to to with the story, but, it is clear he's doing something.  He is apparently burying plastic slates with magnets to neutralize radiation from a cell tower and then reduce traffic accidents. He has no explanation about why it works, but shows a statistical improvement over the past years. Great article and positive press for Druids.  Well done Ilmar and keep up the work.

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