November 15, 2011

Paris exhibition debunks Asterix history

I've seen a number of articles about the ‘Les Gaulois’ exhibition at Paris’ Cite des Sciences which proports to debunk much about Asterix and Obelix.  Come on.  They are cartoon characters.  It is like saying Pepé Le Pew doesn't act like a real skunk.  Of course Asterix and Obelix are fictional and do not represent historical Gauls and Druids. 

  • The article about the exhibition goes on to say that the Gaul.
  • Lived in towns and villages (rather than in the woods).
  • Did not wear winged helmets.
  • Did not play with Dolmens.
  • Used polished bronze sickles rather than gold sickles

I don't think any of the "debunking" would surprise a modern day Druid.  I also think the exhibitors are doing a disservice to the French to imply that they believe the historical Gauls and Druids did the things that the cartoon characters do.  See

Paris exhibition debunks Asterix history - Sci/Tech - DNA

The ‘Asterix and Obelix’ comics have done much to mould the popular belief about the Gauls, but the books have got it all wrong, according to a new exhibition at Paris.

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