January 31, 2012

Giant Jesus at Primrose Hill?

I have always, in the back of my mind, had a notion that when I finally visit England,
I’d reach out to the various Druid groups in England and hopefully be able to attend some of the rituals around the country.  I had always figured that a visit to Primrose Hill would occur, even if by myself as it has traditionally been the site for so many Druid rituals and is so well known for it. 

However, doing so under
the gaze of a giant fiberglass Jesus would be very disconcerting.  It really is up to the local Druids to take up a call to action about this project.  But, I will say if they don't stop it and a giant fiberglass Jesus (It may as well be a giant plastic Jesus.) is erected, I probably won't be interested in visiting the site.  It certainly won't be on my registry of "Important Druid Sites" to visit.

I'll be interested in following this issue and see of the London Area Druids take take any action regarding the project.

Druid News « Druid Life
Plans to erect a giant fibreglass replica of the Rio De Janeiro ‘Redeemer Statue’ on top of London’s posh Primrose Hill have been revealed. The project will be funded by the Brazilian government to mark the end of the London 2012 Olympics and the hand over of the torch to the Rio Olympic committee for the 2016 Games. The installation, is based on the famous statue which overlooks Rio harbour from Corcovado mountain.

For the rest of that article, go to http://www.artlyst.com/articles/residents-up-in-arms-over-primrose-hill-jesus

As yet, no one has mentioned Druids. However, Primrose Hill in London has been an important meeting place for UK Druid groups for pretty much as long as there have been modern Druids. Those early groups would have been more fraternal and probably self-identifying as Christian, so it’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, their contemporary descendents have to say about it....

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