February 21, 2012

Biography of Isaac Bonewits is in the works

I came across this website where someone is writing a biography about Isaac Bonewits. Certainly, Isaac had an important influence upon the Henge and upon Keltrian Druidism.  I hope that Seligman's book focuses upon Isaac's impact upon the Druid community as he suggests it will.  I'll be interested in reading the book when it comes out.

The Argothald Journal - A Biography of Isaac Bonewits
My name is Bill Seligman. I am writing a biography on the life of Isaac Bonewits. I intend to tell the story of his life; how he influenced the Neopagan, Druid, and Wiccan communities; and to include a generous share of "Isaac stories." It will be a biography, not a hagiography; I don't think he'd want his image to be polished (nor tarnished!) from anything other than what it was.

Please share this web page (http://bit.ly/IBbio) and my e-mail addresses ([bonewits.research] of [gmail.com] or [william.seligman] of [gmail.com]; sorry for the obfuscation) with anyone you know who is strongly connected to Isaac's life.

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