March 24, 2012

"Solitary Druid" = murder your family - NOT

I always worry when the State wants to use their ignorance about Druidism as the basis for motive.  The idea that someone calling themselves a "solitary Druid" means that they wanted to get rid of their family is ludicrous.
I hope the judge bars the mention of the defendant's beliefs as no good can come to anyone, either the defendant or the Druid community, if the prosecution want to use such information in such a way.

That said, I would think that the defense would want the person's Druid beliefs brought up.  That Druidism holds that all life is sacred is an important tenet. And that "solitary Druid" only means a person following a Druid path without benefit of a grove, congregation, or in-person clergy.

I sincerely hope that Vaughn didn't do it and is found not guilty, but if he did it, there is no amount of honor price that could be paid for such a despicable act.  (Illinois abolished the death penalty last year.)  
Christopher Vaughn's defense team seeks to bar mention of his Druid beliefs -
In one dated April 24, Vaughn asked, "does anyone know of anyone in the Yukon territories by chance?" and added that he wanted to move there "permanently," said Assistant State's Attorney John Connor. Vaughn spent time in Canada a month later, he said.

Prosecutors also want to include a posting Vaughn made in which he called himself a "solitary Druid." Connor said it was another indication Vaughn wanted to rid himself of his family.

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