February 21, 2005

Action Alert: Writer disrespects Druid worship!

Matthew Lynn's article "Hunting Ban Shows British Tolerance Under Threat" take a low shot at Druids and Druidism.

Matthew Lynn at Bloomberg.com:
"It is quite respectable to disapprove of hunting. There is clearly something distasteful about setting hounds onto foxes for entertainment. Then again, there are plenty of things that people do that others find morally reprehensible: boxing, pornography, heavy drinking, druid worship, or paying hedge-fund managers millions of pounds a year to press a few buttons on a computer."

His equating Druid worship with pornography and fox hunting shows a clear lack of tolerance, respect, and the views of others. Does he know anything about Druid worship? I seriously doubt he has any understanding that Druid worship is about honoring the ancestors, revering the spirits of nature, and worshipping deity nor that he knows what Druid Beliefs are.

I suggest E-Mailing Mr Lynn at matthewlynn@bloomberg.net or his editor, Bill Ahearn at bahearn@bloomberg.net and let them know the portrayal of Druids with the very things they find distasteful is reprehensible.

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