February 21, 2005

Cedar Grove Druid Fellowship member presents paper.

Saw an article in The Western Front Online that indicated that Western students to attend United Nations conference:
"[Kipp] Trembley is a member of the Cedar Grove Druid Fellowship in Bellingham. He said Pagan Druidry is an earth-based faith and the fellowship focuses on services through eco-ministry, or environmental projects.
Trembley said he wrote his paper for the conference on a Druidic perspective of community. As a Druid facing judgment from many people, Trembley said he has a vested interest in communication. He said he is looking forward to discussing many aspects of religion and culture at the conference."
It is always good to see positive press for Druid groups. The group's web site indicates that they were established in 2003. Although they call themselves "A Druid Fellowship", they don't appear to be affiliated with ADF.

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