February 23, 2008

Eolas: Wisdom of the Oaks - Imbolc 2008

The third edition (Imbolc 2008) of Eolas, Wisdom of the Oaks is now available for download from the Druid Order of WhiteOak - Ord na Darach Gile website. This issue includes an interesting article outlining the mythological stories, some of the archaeological findings, and modern folklore regarding the solstices by Sean Harbaugh. For the Bard, Ann Heymann has a wonderful article about Brigid (Brigit), Imbolc, and the Gaelic Harp. I had heard of the "Ceremony of Raising" and it was great to have the several etymologies of Imbolc in one place. She goes further into a brief explanation of a tripartite cosmology of music; laments, dance tunes, and lullabies. Facinating. I'm hoping she will be able to present more in the future. There was also poetry, recipes, and reviews to round out the edition. Nicely done. Well worth checking out.

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