June 24, 2008

Stonehenge Decoded

The National Geographic folks focused upon Stonehenge in June.  The magazine ran an excellent article "If the Stones could speak" in its June edition.  Additionally, the television station ran a program, "Stonehenge Decoded."  The TV program was good, although it took some literary license.  For example, they indicated that the site was sacred and that individuals that went onto the site in Paleolithic times would get into trouble for doing so, even when following a hunt.  No evidence of that, but it made for a great diversion.  The bottom line is the show promotes a new theory that identifies Stonehenge as a family burial site for a limited number of important people. Besides the tv show and the magizine article there is a web site that is is a lot of fun. There are video's including reenactment and photos galore.  Photos include predawn at Summer Solstice and lots of screen savers.  There is a quiz, that even I, who thinks he knows quite a bit about Stonehenge, didn't ace.  There is even a game that is quite fun. All-in all the focus on Stonehenge is wonderful and refreshing.

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