November 9, 2010

Norma to play in Kansas City

I noticed that Bellini's opera Norma is playing at the Lyric Theater in Kansas City.  ( is reporting.)

If you don't know the story line, it is a story about a Druid high priestess who loves a Roman proconsul. She has two children by him. He grows tired of her and goes after a young temple virgin.  What is a Druidess to do?  The story is about her responses and is a tragic story of love and betrayal. The opera is it is regarded as the supreme height of the bel canto (beautiful singing) tradition and is considered an very diffcult lead for a soprano due to the range of both voice and emotion that must be sung.  I've never seen it but am looking for it to come to a place nearby some day.  The folks in Kansas City are lucky.  See ‘Norma’ brings bel canto to KC — and it was worth the wait - for details.

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