January 8, 2011

North Carolina Pagans Outdoors Summer Calendar

Received an email from the folks at NC Pagans Outdoors which alerted me to their events coming up this year, 2011. 
  • Apr 15-17, 2011 - If We Build It (IWBI).
  • June 23-26 - The 9th Annual Pagan Wilderness Weekend (PWW).
  • Sep 30 thru Oct 2 - Hocus Pocus Focus (HPF).
Check out their website for event details and registration:
NC Pagans Outdoors Event Dates | NCPagansOutdoors

(Disclaimer:  The Henge of Keltria does not endorse this event and is providing notification of it as a service to its members. If you attend, a write-up of your experience of the event, particularly from a Druidic or Celtic perspective would be appreciated. )

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~C said...

We greatly appreciate the nod. Thanks for posting this in your area. We have had folks come up the Atlanta GA and Florence SC areas before. Always enjoy having folks from all over the country at our events. Hope to see you there!