December 17, 2011

Cherry Hill Seminary has course on Druids: Past and Present.

Cherry Hill Seminary is presenting a course in "The Druidic Past and Present."  It is pricey, (as are most things of value) but looks like it would be very interesting.  If anyone in the Henge attends, let me know.  I'd love to hear how it goes, maybe even receive a review of the course.  Humm... I wonder if we Keltrian Druids receive a mention.

Master’s Courses Spring 2012 » Cherry Hill Seminary
The Druidic Past and Present T6405
Instructor: James Acken, PhD Class meetings....

This course reviews evidence from several
disciplines and pertaining to the druids, analyzing the connections
between what we believe we know of their reality to the extant evidence,
but it will also look beyond the usual scholastic analyses to folk
customs and traditional lore.

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