December 31, 2011

Remembering Sir James George Frazer

Remembering Sir James Frazer

Sir James Frazer was born on 1 January 1854 -5/7/1941) and passed 7 May 1941. A social anthropologist, he is particularly noted for his work, The Golden Bough, which is now available (abbreviated form) at no charge on the Kindle Kindle and in an illustrated edition. Frazer's approach to religion focused upon what people did rather than theology. I have always wanted the 12 volume complete set, but have only encountered the abridged edition. I read his material first in the early '70's and was blown away. It opened my eyes to all of the similarities in religion. His material was among the first to have me understand how much of the Christ myth was a duplication of other, more ancient myths (virgin birth, resurrection, etc.). His work expanded my understanding that many religions share similar stories. The Golden Bough was probably the most eye-opening book I ever found any many later books, such as the Silver Bough, built upon my learning. Definitely on my "needs to be read again" list and on a special "I'd love to get the entire 12 volume set" list.

Today, on the 156th anniversary of his birth, I remember Sir James George Frazer and give thanks to him as an Ancestor.

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